Volume 21 Issue 01 A Note from the Editors


This Plaridel issue adds to the list of academic research on broadcast, communication, film, and journalism studies in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region that strives to pursue evolving understandings of communication, media, and society. It features a unique meeting of Filipino and Bahasa Melayu/ Bahasa Indonesia languages and consciousness through thoroughly examining contemporary media in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The eight articles in the issue are also brought together by a shared globalized existence, on the one hand, and by the performance of regional integration in the ASEAN region, on the other hand. The research interrogates social media, television, and film and their implications for political, social, and cultural formations and processes. It pushes forward the lingering question of the role of media in resisting tyrannies that ASEAN societies face in present times.

This work also actualizes the UP College of Mass Communication’s commitment to the UP Diliman Sentro ng Wikang Filipino to publish research using Filipino as an academic language.