Tolentino, Rolando B


ROLANDO B. TOLENTINO is faculty of University of the Philippines Film Institute and former dean of the UP College of Mass Communication.  He has taught at the Osaka University and National University of Singapore.  His research interests include Philippine literature, popular culture, cinema and media, interfacing national and transnational issues. He writes fiction and creative non-fiction, and is a fellow of the UP Institute of Creative Writing.  He is a member of the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino (Filipino Film Critics Group), Congress of Teachers and Educators for Nationalism and Democracy (CONTEND-UP), and Altermidya (People’s Alternative Media Network).

Tolentino, Rolando B

Volume 09 Issue 02

| Queer Media and Representations

August 2012 · Volume No.: 9 Issue No.: 2

Volume 03 Issue 01

| Media and Ethnicity

February 2006 · Volume No.: 3 Issue No.: 1

Volume 02 Issue 02

| Media and Popular Culture

August 2005 · Volume No.: 2 Issue No.: 2