Regenerative Documentary: Posthuman Art in the Context of the Philippine Drug War

Regenerative documentary is generated by a composite unity that comprises the living system of resistance in the Philippines. It takes into account the contingent, illustrated by artist groups—Respond and Break the Silence over the Killings (RESBAK), Sandata, and Gantala Press—that converged with the living system of resistance where and when human rights was curtailed by an environment of impunity, systemic poverty, social inequality, and injustice. The purpose of regenerative documentary is to identify and make known that a system of resistance exists and it is living. By harnessing the ideas of narrative, emergence, and ethicality espoused by autopoiesis and critical posthumanism, regenerative documentary situates its expediency within the context of the Philippine human rights violations under the Duterte regime as a transformative critical posthuman art.