“Making” the contemporary and next-generation journalist, through data journalism: The need for emerging curriculum in journalism education in India - A primary proposal


Like any other profession, the media and communication domains are also majorly robust with the advent of computers and information communication technologies. In the recent past, the concept of data journalism struck the chords of major news media houses across the globe. Data journalism is an evolving form of storytelling, where journalist works with data, data analytics software, and visualize data to narrate their news stories. In India, over the years, many academic institutions started offering certificate, diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programmes in journalism and communication-related fields. Currently, academic curricula and journalism education are strengthened with conventional journalism theories and practices. Due to the arrival of data journalism, modern tools, and techniques, journalism pedagogy faces a relatively large knowledge gap. This research article is an outcome of exploratory research that examined 155 academic institutions by scrutinizing the communication curriculum offered across India and suggests the need-based syllabi in consultation with academic and industrial experts, which entails data journalism as an empowering element for the current and next-generation journalists.