Lloren, Gregg S.


Gregg S. Lloren is a faculty member of the College of Communication, Arts, and Design, University of the Philippines Cebu, a constituent unit of the country’s national university, University of the Philippines System. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Letters from San Beda College, Manila, Philippines, and MSc by Research in Interdisciplinary Creative Practices (with Merit) from the University of Edinburgh, UK. For his PhD project in Edinburgh, he will be conducting an investigation on immersive technology in digital media and culture under a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary framework: linguistics; cognitive science; social semiotics and the multimodality of visual language; digital media architectonics; media consciousness and subjectivity; the science of digital media design and production, and the art of its dissemination.

Gregg is an internationally and locally awarded creative director; and an international emerging artist as his work, an immersive video installation, was a featured artwork at the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe, one of Europe’s biggest arts festival.

Website: www.gregglloren.com

Email: [email protected]