Volume 19 Issue 01

The Gender Spectrum in Media

June 2022 · Volume No.: 19 Issue No.: 1


Table of Contents A Note from the Editor Paragas, Fernando dlC.

Main Articles

Organizing bell hooks’ frameworks for interrogating representations Biana, Hazel T. “Gendered space”: A study of newspaper opinion journalism as emergent and oppositional to the dominant culture in journalism Tabada, Ma. Theresa Angelina Q. All hail, the baklang kanal!: Subversive frivolity in two Filipino influencers Cabbuag, Samuel Benitez, Christian Jil Not your ordinary catfishing story: The role of cancel culture behind the hashtag #SamMoralesisOver Cañal, Bonne Christine O. Capuyan, Ira Cozette C. Del Pilar, Hannah Pamela M. Enolpe, Myril Eloise S. Loseo, Susan Mae P. Manuel L. Quezon and the Filipino women’s suffrage movement of 1937 Alporha, Veronica C. Duterte as misogynist fascist: A discourse analysis of Duterte’s misogynist criticisms against women Lanuza, Gerry Gender in Philippine advertisements: Portrayal patterns and platform differences immediately before the COVID-19 pandemic Paragas, Fernando dlC. Rapanot, Czekaina Esrah Mangalus, Marrhon Hoggang, Catherine Faith Agonos, Mariam Jayne Gender representation in Cambodian television advertisements Prieler, Michael Dom, Vannak Dapat, kita: Representations of the schema of heteronormativity and the visibility of abuse in domestic violence Liwag-Lomibao, Ma. Aurora Lolita

Open Issue

Netspeak virtual ethnography as culture in the Kaskus virtual community Bakry, Gema Nusantara Nasrullah, Rulli Shabana, Amin Patriotic heroes on screen; Strategy of demonstrating power: Reading police’s images in the winning films of the Police Movie Festival 2019 Sokowati, Muria Endah Nurnisya, Frizki Yulianti From “welcome to my channel” to “please like, share, & subscribe”: A conversational analysis of the opening and closing strategies of Filipino Youtube vlogs Jalagat, Joseph Ryann J. Symbolic distancing: Indonesian Muslim youth engaging with Korean television dramas Rosidi, Imron


Happily ever after: Representations of gender politics in This Guy’s in Love with U Mare! Cayabyab, Angeline

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Editorial Board

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"Paggising ng Silakbo" Magsino, Dale