Volume 12 Issue 01

| Special Issue

February 2015 · Volume No.: 12 Issue No.: 1


Table of Contents Politics in Mainstream, Underground, and New Media Campos, Patrick F.


The Making of the Philippine President: A Textual Analysis of Mythical Archetypes in the TV News Reports of the 2010 Presidential Elections Sarmenta, Severino Revisiting the ‘Aquino Magic’: Extending Neoliberal Interests and Foreshadowing Communicative Capitalism in the Philippines Caralde, Mae U. The Embodiment of the New Woman: Advertisements’ Mobilization of Women’s Bodies Through Co-Optation of Feminist Ideologies Baldo-Cubelo, Julienne Thesa People’s War, People’s Press: History and Evolution of Ang Bayan (The People), the News Organ of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Tangi, Lucia Palpal-latoc Reactivating Filipino Youth Activism in the Age of Slacktivism Lanuza, Gerry Spectres of New Media Technologies in the Public Sphere Labiste, Ma. Diosa In Other News: Negotiating a Shifting Notion of Newsworthiness Through Amateur Web Video Canlas, Daphne-Tatiana T. Internet Literacy: Levels of Literacy Among Selected Filipinos Across Economic Classes Portus, Lourdes M. Media Assessment of Herbalife’s Crisis Response: An Approach to Explain Vietnam’s Media Transparency Level Ly-Le, Tuong-Minh Striking Balance: Freedom of Expression in Post-Soeharto Indonesia Suryana, A’an The Philippines as an International Transit Site for North Korean Refugees Dawe, Christopher J.


Representations and Discourses in Internet Comedy Gutierrez, Jose III Animation and Realism: A Review of RPG Metanoia (2010) Gutierrez, Jose III

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