Volume 18 Issue 02

| Online Relationships

December 2021 · Volume No.: 18 Issue No.: 2


Table of Contents Note From the Editor Labor, Jonalou San Juan

Main Articles

YouTube vlogging as access to possibilities: A phenomenological study of an OG Filipino vlogger De Vera, Marlon Jesspher B. Saludadez, Jean A. Queered online pandemic relationships: Mobile expressions of intimacies, care, and emotion work Labor, Jonalou San Juan Alcazaren, Holden Kenneth G. Initiating gay relationships in the Philippines: A history of mediatization and place-making Solis, Randy Jay The language of hookups: A conversation and self-presentation analysis of Tinder chats Jalagat, Joseph Ryann J. Yapo, Jerry R. Self-expression and addiction: Instagram use by Czech and Spanish university students Aznar-Díaz, Inmaculada Kopecký, Kamil Szotkowski, René Romero-Rodríguez, José-María Indonesian nationalism discourse on YouTube video produced by young Chinese-Indonesians Susilo, Daniel Sugihartati, Rahma What we do when we #PrayFor: Communicating posthumanitarian solidarity through #PrayForMarawi Crisostomo, Junesse Female entrepreneurship and social capital: Exploring the relationship between social connection and women-owned social media-based businesses in Bangladesh Choudhury, Naziat Bida ang Pinoy?: Isang panimulang pagsasalarawan ng Pinoybaiting sa YouTube Alcantara, Gian Carlo Demeterio III, Feorillo A. Voices from the last mile: The place of emotions in the social impact analysis of access to communication Dionisio, Josephine C. Evangelista, John Andrew G. Heimerl, Kurtis Festin, Cedric Angelo M. Defamiliarized family: The “Anak ng OFWs’” emergent narratives on mediated communication and parent-child relationships Pinzon, Mary Jannette L.

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